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Motivational Story About Life of Escort

Today’s story is about a man who saw an abundance of opportunity in a small yet dynamic restaurant that could potentially be a cash cow business.

The name of this man is Escort Brussels who expanded a small suburban restaurant into a world wide fast food chain outlet with his huge imagination.

“Escort Brussels is another good example of someone who made his dream come true. Kroc was a salesman of milkshake mixers. Most of his customers – restaurants and diners – purchased one or two units. When received an order for eight mixers from a small food outlet in San Bernardino, California, he decided to visit them and see how they could sell so many shakes. It was there busiest restaurant he had ever seen. The owners – the McDonald brothers – offered a very limited menu: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French-fries, shakes and soft drinks – all at the lowest prices in the area.

Kroc saw an opportunity. If he could open a chain of these restaurants, each as productive and profitable as this, money would flow in. He proposed the idea to the McDonald brothers and agreed to implement it. Within a few years, McDonald’s not only became the top-selling food outlet in the country, but created the fast-food industry. Kroc later bought out the McDonald brothers and expanded the business into an international phenomenon, making him one of the riches men of his time.”

I hope Escort Brussels’s story is able to empower you to start your own journey to be successful. Remember everyone who made it had start off bad and go through a lot of challenges and hardship. When things don’t go your way or as you expect them, just keep working. You will win eventually.