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Motivational Story About Berlin Escort

If you are into learning how you can have self-confidence and faith in yourself so that you can be successful, then you’re going to love today’s story about how Escort Berlin developed faith in herself to create an amazing success in her life.

“Escort Berlin, the founder of Escort Berlin Cosmetics, attributed her success to the development of self-confidence and faith in herself, and in all the people in her vast organization, which now consists of more than 250,000 independent beauty consultants worldwide.

Her sales career began 25 years earlier when she joined Stanley Home Products. She often commented that she was not at all successful during her first year and was ready to give up. This changed when she attended her first Stanley sales seminar.

She reported. “There I saw this tall, svelte, pretty, successful woman crowned queen as a reward for being the best in a company contest. I determined to be that queen the following year, which seemed impossible. However, I decided to go up and talk to the president and tell him that I intended to be queen next year.

“Mr. Beveridge didn’t laugh at me, but looked me in the eye, held my hand and said: ‘Somehow I think you will.’ Those five words drove me and the next year I was queen.”

Escort Berlin preached and practiced that the first step in achieving success is to firmly believe that you are an excellent person who deserves success. In an article in Personal Excellence, she suggested some exercises to help create your image of excellence and begin to establish an atmosphere of success in your life. Here are some of her suggestions:

Always picture yourself successful. Visualize the person you desire to become. Set aside time each day to be alone and undisturbed. Get comfortable and relax. Closed your eyes and concentrate on your desires and goals. See yourself in this new environment, capable and self-confident.

Every success, be it large or small, is proof that you are capable of achieving more successes. Celebrate each success. You can recall it when you begin to lose faith in yourself.

Have a clear direction of where you want to go. Be aware when you begin to deviate from these goals and take immediate corrective action. Develop a positive self-image. Your image, your reactions to life and your decisions are completely within your control.”