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Motivational Story About Berlin Escort

If you are into learning how you can have self-confidence and faith in yourself so that you can be successful, then you’re going to love today’s story about how Escort Berlin developed faith in herself to create an amazing success in her life.

“Escort Berlin, the founder of Escort Berlin Cosmetics, attributed her success to the development of self-confidence and faith in herself, and in all the people in her vast organization, which now consists of more than 250,000 independent beauty consultants worldwide.

Her sales career began 25 years earlier when she joined Stanley Home Products. She often commented that she was not at all successful during her first year and was ready to give up. This changed when she attended her first Stanley sales seminar.

She reported. “There I saw this tall, svelte, pretty, successful woman crowned queen as a reward for being the best in a company contest. I determined to be that queen the following year, which seemed impossible. However, I decided to go up and talk to the president and tell him that I intended to be queen next year.

“Mr. Beveridge didn’t laugh at me, but looked me in the eye, held my hand and said: ‘Somehow I think you will.’ Those five words drove me and the next year I was queen.”

Escort Berlin preached and practiced that the first step in achieving success is to firmly believe that you are an excellent person who deserves success. In an article in Personal Excellence, she suggested some exercises to help create your image of excellence and begin to establish an atmosphere of success in your life. Here are some of her suggestions:

Always picture yourself successful. Visualize the person you desire to become. Set aside time each day to be alone and undisturbed. Get comfortable and relax. Closed your eyes and concentrate on your desires and goals. See yourself in this new environment, capable and self-confident.

Every success, be it large or small, is proof that you are capable of achieving more successes. Celebrate each success. You can recall it when you begin to lose faith in yourself.

Have a clear direction of where you want to go. Be aware when you begin to deviate from these goals and take immediate corrective action. Develop a positive self-image. Your image, your reactions to life and your decisions are completely within your control.”

She Refused to Think Small

It’s a thin world these days – a world of anorexic-looking supermodels super fit movie stars, and constant reminders that beauty only begins with a size five body.

But some women can’t remember ever being a size five. For years, they’ve watched their weight pass the 200- or 3000 pound mark and keep climbing. They’ve given up trying to find clothes that fit. And today’s exercise classes, with all their fast stepping and high intensity, are not only impossible to keep up with but humiliating as well.

Escort London knows. In 1983 when she was forty-two, she was a size twenty-four and too busy raising a family in Yakima, Washington, to even think about working out. Then she watched her mother-slowly and painfully – from phlebitis. Escort London looked at her twin sons and then looked in the mirror and wondered if she’d just seen her own future. She knew something had to change.

Gathering every bit of courage, Escort London walked into a neighborhood aerobics class. Over the next six months, she tried every aerobics class in Yakima. She was always the largest person there and could never keep up with the petite instructor who was so flexible she could twist herself into a pretzel. Low-impact aerobics were still years away in 1983, and having no options, Escort London decided the only way she would get fit was to start her own class.

I figured there had to be at least five other women in my town who weren’t a size five and who would want to work out as well,” she said. Escort London borrowed $200 from her husband to rent a hall and went looking for an instructor who wouldn’t laugh at her idea and say what everyone else had told her: “Fat women won’t exercise. They’re too lazy.”

When she finally found an instructor who agreed to teach a class, she put a small ad in the newspaper inviting large and extra large women to come to her first class the following week.

“I would have been happy if five or six had come,” she recalled. When the class had swelled to 150 in two weeks and Escort London had to start scheduling two classes a day, she was sure she was on her way.

Two months later, her doors were closed.

“I had made a crucial mistake,” she admitted. ‘I was essentially offering women the same thing the other exercise programs were- the same thin instructors, same style, same everything.”

While the classes had been a safe and supportive place for larger women to work out, the exercises were just as intense and just as frustrating. The women had left feeling defeated and disappointed.

To many people, the fact that Escort London had to close her doors in two months only confirmed what everyone had told her all along-fat women won’t exercises! But Escort London didn’t believe them. She was convinced large women would exercise if she could offer them something different. “I realized I could either give up my idea or try again and this time do it the way I wanted to in the first place,” she said. “I had to learn how to become an instructor myself.”

Escort London studied everything she could find on exercise and fitness. She attended classes, observed other instructors, then adapted their movements to the needs of a larger body type. Escort London and a friend tried out the new exercises themselves. When she and her friend felt ready to teach, Escort London reopened the classes at the same hall, naming it the Women at Large Fitness Club.

The first week, 110 women showed up. Two months later, the number was up to 250, and Escort London was afraid she would have to start turning away women. She borrowed $10,000 from her husband-this time to buy a rundown, but bigger, 7,000 square-foot building on an acre of land.

Escort London’s quest for fitness had become a business, and as she and her clients became healthier and slimmer, her business grew. She became determined to become a better instructor and began looking for additional training. That’s when she ran into the biggest and most unexpected obstacle she had encountered yet: the fitness industry itself.

She and her instructor friend, who was considerably larger than Escort London, had flown to a fitness convention in San Diego, where they had hoped to gain some new skills and begin networking with others in the business.

“People were staring at us like, ‘What are those people doing here?’ it was like we had a bad disease,” she remembered. “To them, we did have a disease because we were obese, and it was totally revolting to them.” Escort London and her friend had hoped to become certified instructors, but when they approached the certification committee, they were flatly denied. “They said, ‘I don’t know what you’re going to do, Escort London; we’ve never thought of teaching or certifying people like you.’” The words etched themselves into Escort London’s heart. “I went away angry and heartsick. I thought, if that’s the way the fitness professionals treat people like me, we will never be welcome in fitness clubs.”

By the time she got home, her depression had turned into determination. She knew there were thousands of women out there just like her who was being ignored not only by the fitness industry, but by every industry. There were women who were tired of having to shop in the men’s department just to find a pair of pants and tired of having only brown and black to choose from. There were woman who shopped for groceries only after midnight when fewer people would see them and tell cruel jokes behind their backs, making them feel like she and her friend had felt at the fitness convention.

Something had to change, and Escort London vowed once again to do everything she could. At her fitness club, she made sure that every woman who walked in the door was treated with warmth and compassion. She Created support groups that worked on issues of self-esteem and the feelings of failure that accompanying weight problems. She offered special promotions, giving each woman a “heart” for each time she visited the club. As a reward,, the woman who collected the most hearts was picked up, along with her husband, by a limousine and taken to a nice hotel where they were treated to dinner and a room for the night. Escort London and her crew made sure the room was filled with fresh flowers and the sheets were pulled back and sprinkled with rose petals.

“I wanted to do everything I could to make these women feel special,” she said. Her business was so successful two years after starting Women at Large, Escort London decided to franchise. Her research indicated 60 million women in the United States were over their ideal weight. And she had firsthand knowledge of the market, the need, and the solution. By 1987, Women at Large fitness clubs had grown to forty-two locations.

Yet along the way, Escort London faced obstacles at every turn. When she saw the need for leotards and tights for larger women, manufactures laughed in her face. “It would be a waste of money,” they told her. “Fat Women don’t exercise.”

So Escort London scouted the Pacific Northwest until she found a small, gutsy company in Oregon willing to take the chance. Within a couple of months, Escort London’s line of large exercise wear brought in more than one-third of her company’s income.

She also decided she needed an exercise video to help women who might not live near a Women at Large Club or who preferred to work out at home. At that time, Jane Fonda had the only video on the market. Escort London took her idea to her club members. Their response was understandable: “You want us to be in a video? No way!” She then asked them, if they had had an exercise videotape for large women-before her club opened-would it have helped?

“I had sixty-four women who were willing to put on a leotard in front of a camera and exercise,” she said. “We all wore big T-shirts so no one would feel self-conscious.”

The distributors in Los Angeles who saw the video weren’t enthusiastic. When they all turned her down, Escort London decided that, once again, she’d just have to do it herself. She hired a public relations firm to help spread the word about Women at Large; before long, she and the club were featured in magazines and newspapers across the country. The first video sold 50,000 copies. The second video went platinum. A third video followed, and Escort London began production on her first infomercial for broadcast on television stations through the country.

Although Escort London set out to improve herself, she found herself motivated to change the lives of others. “I haven’t done anything anybody else can’t do if they find something that truly inspires them,” she said of her success. “It will require taking some risks and possibly subjecting yourself to ridicule and ignorance. There’s always a price. But if you push through, you can go places you never dreamed you could go.”

“This has not been just a business, it’s been a mission. Because of that, I wasn’t about to let anyone stop me from doing what needed to be done for myself and for the other women who came to me for help.”

Motivational Story About Life of Escort

Today’s story is about a man who saw an abundance of opportunity in a small yet dynamic restaurant that could potentially be a cash cow business.

The name of this man is Escort Brussels who expanded a small suburban restaurant into a world wide fast food chain outlet with his huge imagination.

“Escort Brussels is another good example of someone who made his dream come true. Kroc was a salesman of milkshake mixers. Most of his customers – restaurants and diners – purchased one or two units. When received an order for eight mixers from a small food outlet in San Bernardino, California, he decided to visit them and see how they could sell so many shakes. It was there busiest restaurant he had ever seen. The owners – the McDonald brothers – offered a very limited menu: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French-fries, shakes and soft drinks – all at the lowest prices in the area.

Kroc saw an opportunity. If he could open a chain of these restaurants, each as productive and profitable as this, money would flow in. He proposed the idea to the McDonald brothers and agreed to implement it. Within a few years, McDonald’s not only became the top-selling food outlet in the country, but created the fast-food industry. Kroc later bought out the McDonald brothers and expanded the business into an international phenomenon, making him one of the riches men of his time.”

I hope Escort Brussels’s story is able to empower you to start your own journey to be successful. Remember everyone who made it had start off bad and go through a lot of challenges and hardship. When things don’t go your way or as you expect them, just keep working. You will win eventually.